A Little Style and A Lot of Substance

My style is about peaceful comfortable images

My newsletter this time talks about how different we all are and How differently We paint… even when we  paint the very same subjects….

So aren’t you glad there is not really a “right” way to paint? Or maybe I should re phrase that to say there is no “WRONG” way to paint. All styles and methods are valid…  finding yours is the trick.

When I  first took art from an artist/ instructor I admired, I was so eager to learn that I just soaked up every word and brushstroke like a sponge. About a year later… She kicked me out of her class… because I painted so exactly like her that it was hard to tell whose was whose…I was devastated. How was  I supposed to learn anything without a teacher? Nobody else was teaching weekly art lessons in our area… even to take from her I drove 65 miles one way…     It took me years to figure out that She taught me the greatest ART lesson I would ever learn     


The biggest insult should be…”Your work looks just like____[any known artist in the area]”

[  I love it when they tell me “I knew it was yours before I got close enought to read the name”………. Hooray for me….ding ding ding!]

Without a teacher I set about reading and trying  to paint and figure out  everything i could  about old masters techniques,  art materials and  medims,  different kinds of paints etc…  then …. I spent the money on some  good workshops and books…and  I tried out lots of   mini lessons… by utilizing information that was in the many magazines I had accumulated…and making myself  painting “assignments” .

I was determined that I would never again only know one way to paint. [or should  I say only one way to copy someone else’s style…]

My daughters style is dynamic and active…like her lifestyle

Look at the difference in the way I paint and the style that my daughter paints…how can it be that I was her mentor? She says so… and I am honored….but note that she also talks about finding out early how she liked to use brushstrokes and loads of paint…. and she  definitely is not afraid of color… her work literally vibrates. HER STYLE IS JUST LIKE HER LIFESTYLE… one ongoing adventure, brave, and spiritually connected.

Don’t try to paint like me or anybody else. Try to paint like you… want a clue? Look around your home what are your favorite items in the room?

What color do you “wear” the most? What vacations do you like to take?

All of these are clues to you painting style believe it or not. Is it a comfortable room with homey touches? Earthtones or Reds? Bean bag chairs or overstuffed sofas?

THINK …..this is your style…unless you let someone decorate it for you!!!YIKES

Learn from me or other artists and teachers… but don’t become a  really good copy artist… Find out for yourself by always being the perpetual student… learn basic fundmentals, all about composing or any technical skills that will make it easier to paint  sucessfully… learn to draw… then things start to happen as you expand your  knowledge, get more familiar with new ideas and mediums… and  explore failures that help make the celebration of the successes sweeter!.

A little bit of style and a whole lot of substance. You get the right attitude going and then  it is all about your new “look”.

Because, if you are bored with painting,  you have either given up… given in… or can only copy the pattern and directions  the teacher gave you… because you really never knew what colors made “Passion Plumbaker”      to replicate it when you ran out of  the paints you bought at the last workshop.

I can provide the building blocks for the substance…with new mini lessons I sell on the site… paint it… then do another one in your own style… don’t worry.. it .is… going… to… happen… anyway…. I can  bet ya money on it.

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