First Impressions : How They Affect us, and Do They Have a Lasting Benefit?

 First Impressions are always interesting to me. I often see or learn something new and walk away wondering what is was about that  painting in the gallery, or  the information I heard  that impressed me so…or failed to  impress me at all….Why did it affect me so? {one way or the other} Let’s talk about it a […]

Once Is Not Enough

 Once is not enough… especially when you are trying to learn something new . Let me tell you a cute story about my husband. When he was  little… he had to go to school for the first time. Everyone encouraged Him and told Him how he was going to learn everything when HE WENT to school. […]

Paint Happy…Break A Few Rules and Just Have Fun.

   What is Painting Happy?  Painting Happy is all about you and your artistic journey. Life can be hard and work sometimes burns out the creative inner power cells inside. Painting Happy is just about expressing your art in a fresh way that gets you recharged. Judith Camerons book ” The Artist’s Way” has a suggestion […]

Creative License: Your Copyrights As An Artist

     Licensing your artwork to manufacturing companies can be one of the most rewarding ways  to make your artwork “pay-off”  time and time again.     Just think about seeing your art used as the surface design on other items such as rugs, throws, cards, etc. How cool is that!     But before you get too busy thinking about  […]

Small Art Quilts Score Big On Creativity

Art Quilts: Making and Dyeing you own fabric squares is an art that combines design skills with color and good composition… The photos show a few that friends and I made from fabrics we painted, dyed, and stamped… I embellished and added prismapencils to draw the face on with…then set it with a warm iron..but […]