Digging For Gold and Finding Nuggets

A painting in the old masters Fauve technique

A painting in the old masters Fauve technique

While thumbing through an old art magazine this morning I caught myself passing by pictures and articles that didn’t seem to hold my attention… my mind was on some other “LOOK” I wanted to research.

Then, for some reason, I began to take a second glance through the pages again and  I came across some nuggets of gold… an article about drawings that are produced for patents. And a school of painters I hadn’t looked at in years… The FAUVES. What color information, what wonderful line drawings. And the who…what…whys were  all there in the information that I was going to pass up in favor of something else more…interesting? Hmm.

Hitting A Brick Wall

It made me realize how many times I had encouraged my students to try other mediums and methods only to hit a brick wall with them. They simply did not LIKE that style or method, at first glance it  just didn’t appeal to them. Because they didn’t want to dig and  look for the “nuggets,” they missed out on the “gold.”

What did I learn this morning? I was reminded that everything manufactured or produced starts with an artist’s drawing .That means everything in the room, with the exception of you , your plants, and the cat.

Look at the wonderful color and use of lines in this Fauve style painting..

Look at the wonderful color and use of lines in this Fauve style painting..

And I learned again about color theory; about the art critics who balk when  presented with artists who create techniques and styles of painting outside of the currently accepted  criteria or “box,” if you like to think of it that way.

My Message and My Lesson

Never quit digging for gold… look for the nuggets where you may not expect them to be, even if you think you’re not interested.

Don’t pass up that drawing technique because you already KNOW HOW to draw… really?  O maybe you heard someone say watercolor was hard to learn or not as marketable as oils. Are you sure? Have you tried it with a good teacher? Have you shown it to a collector?

KEEP DIGGING>>> THE GOLD IS THERE, but probably not in the places you have dug before. Don’t be a balking critic. Think and research outside of the box.

Happy hunting … and Keep exploring .
The moral to the story.. Be a lifetime student.

Enroll in the forever school of art.

See You at the easel… and have a color-full day.

Jamie Carter