How Do I Use The Art Lessons Offered By Jamie…

How To Order and Use  Use The Art Lessons Offered By Jamie…
 O.K. so your looking at the website and your thinking to yourself… Humm… This might be fun to try …[scroll on down for more…]

The finished painting "Andy's Barn" taught in the pdf lesson you can buy.

You think..

      I might just give it a shot. Then you look at the Skillbuilders and the Workshops for The Sunday Painter and wonder: How do I use the lessons after I order them.
 1.Choose the lesson you want to “take”  and order it from  the “STORE”. Go to checkout if your finished shopping and pay for it with Paypal or a credit card…when that is done you are ready to
 2. Download and  save [or print] the pdf  lesson file  in your documents. 
 3. Get a 3 ringed binder notebook and get ready to fill it up with  all the pdf lessons you buy from the  store so that you have a visual reference  to paint from.. Buy the  plastic page protector covers so you can slip your art lessons into them and protect them… after all; you are going to be PAINTING… and viewing the lessons at the same time.. kinda tricky to keep them safe and clean. The notebook will keep the lessons organized for you. YOU WILL REMEMBER WHERE THEY ARE! Hey… that is a big plus !
 4.Start following the lesson plans and watch your paintings improve.
   If you don’t understand a lesson or are not sure what went wrong go back and re-study the printed version… a lot easier that trying to find it on a webpage.
 P.S. Becoming an Artist is an ongoing study. A recent study by one of the most successful galleries in the U.S.A. just surveyed 100 top professional artists and asked them what one thing they attributed to their success… The top answer was… interacting with other artists and continuing to study, observe, and learn… new and better ways to improve their work. If top professionals still feel the need to take “lessons”…
what does that say to you?Get Started…order.. download, print, organize that new lesson.. and paint.  That way you can keep on “having fun” while you learn… for a very long time. See You at the  website  Art Lesson Page…. Jamie Carter

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