I Would Like To Thank The Little People

I Would Like to Thank The Little People….

Go back in your memory to about 8 years old. What was your favorite thing to do, who was yourhero? And what did you want to be when you grew up?
Did you play “let’s pretend” or did you “PLAYLIKE”….. [I am from the age group “PLAYLIKE”}
My more sophisticated children were even more advanced and were from the “let’s imagine” era.
I think it has all changed now …again… but I have no clue what the current phrase is… I just hope they are “playing like” or imagining something… I fear that the computer games are stomping out some of children’s creativity… in favor of the pre-manufactured images and scenarios. Time will tell.
Anyway to get back on track… whatever you were doing at age 8 has been considered by psychologists the time in your life when you “knew” instinctively who and what you were all about. You were about a year away from deciding that you needed to walk, talk, and dress like everybody else… or not! You went from being a free spirit to being socially acceptable. [By whatever the current standard was at the time.]
Was the price tag for acceptance too high? Only you can answer that question … But if you think it might have been, then you really do need to go back and see what you remember about being 8.
I guess I’ll share my early 8 days with you. I wanted to be a ballerina… even though the only dancing lessons I had were from my best friend. My heroes were Nancy Drew and any Fairy Godmother in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and my favorite thing to do was draw, cut out pictures or make a general mess… mud, grease, catalogs, watermelons… I really struggled with choosing my artistic medium back then…
As I grew up my heroes changed, and I was faced with the fact my “Cinderella” days were gone… but I never outgrew drawing, cutting out, and generally making a mess. You know…I never did decide a favorite MEDIUM… I still like to use and learn as much as I can about them all.
I really do need to thank the little people… the illustrations on the cover of the Nancy Drew Mysteries, the amazing etchings in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales…and the watermelons for lending their surfaces to many of my “HAPPY FACE” drawings. I gave up being a ballerina… that just didn’t work out. I guess it wasn’t my true calling.
Inspiration: The infusion or arousal within the mind of some idea or impulse that leads to a creative action. A divine influence exerted upon the mind or spirit. {Webster’s Dictionary}.
Live the artistic life… go back and remember how creative you were. Just investigate when you let the priorities of the daily grind take it away from you. Then write down what you remember and transform yourself back in time. Has your mom still got some of your school papers? Look there and you will find the art and writings that were you. Go Play! Jamie carter copyright2009

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