Incubation, Brain Drains, and Creative Values

Incubation is a word for the unseen or unconscious level of a process. Creative incubation is in- born in all of us, unfortunately though ,we shut it down as we grow up in favor of knowledge that is easier to measure, judge and “grade” a school paper or as a test. When we become adults…We are expected to list our academic achievements and skills on job resumes. And because we want to achieve by the accepted standards of the business and academic world, we shut down the right- intuitive- talented side of our brain and give our full devotion to the left analytical –judgemental-comparative side of the brain.
       Isn’t it time for you to take your talent out of the incubator, let the right intuitive side of the brain  dominate a little more often, and get back into a healthier brain balance?

       Is it time to show that right-sided talent to the world? Let’s think about it a minute. What and How can we do it? Here a couple of suggestions for you to dwell on, and let  them  “INCUBATE.”….for a while
      Start your own “artsy right side-brain” therapy…It takes courage to break in- grained habits and free up creativity. You have to ignore results in favor of process… And it is full of risks. You may fail for a while because the loud-mouth, left ,analytical side is not about to give up control without a fight. It will judge your efforts, and will tell you are wasting money and time. But hang in there…create anyway , in spite of…. The left brains advice and what it calls BEING PRACTICAL . Let me  let you in on the good news.
     Being creative, and using the right side of the brain, will change you in a way you have never thought possible. Because it is the quiet side, you find you are more relaxed and less stressed out and tense. The mind becomes absorbed and reflective while you are sewing, painting, playing a song, or even singing one. Whistle while you work… hum as you drive… write poetry… just go with the flow…splash watercolor on some paper and play. Cut out paper dolls . Don’t judge or measure the efforts… just do it. And have a good time. This is for you. Rejoice in the process, the results aren’t a big deal. Not in your mind and WHO CARES about the judgement of anyone elses. Truthfully, most people are more interested in themselves than what you are piddling around with anyway.
    This is for you. And guess what:!  You aren’t aware of time because the right side of the brain does’t recognize time or measure it. It’s off the clock. Thank Goodness. Let the fun, happy, side of you come forward … just start doodling happy faces and daisies again while you talk on the phone… Skip down the hall again… Allow the joy of having a creative side thrive and grow . AGAIN. And Again… And  Again!

     Red Alert! And  A WISE Warning! The force of creativity can push you around , and it does. It will push you  to a greater personal  satisfaction and   a wellspring of creative contentment…and right on into a new artistic journey for your life. Enjoy the trip. …. Jamie Carter


  1. Juanita Arnold says:

    Good morning! Neat explanation and suggestions. You might just get me back to painting.
    Art is truly a verb and not a noun!
    Glad to see you’re utilizing the internet in this way. love, juanita

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