Making Your Art… and Sticking to It

Finding your  artistic voice and sticking to it versus creative jumps.
Do you know an artist like this?.  My  artistic friend bounces from one art medium to the next, trying every technique and style ; working hard and getting absolutely no further along than when she started. Frustrated, she wants to give up on her art . .

It’s not that my friend lacked information.
Like the rest of us she had plenty of information, lots of art instruction from books and magazines… and she watched a lot of painting programs on T.V. and online…..and most of the information was good.
What she lacked was an understanding of how to apply it in ways that made sense for her and her art. She refused, again and again, to invest in getting continued guidance and support, she argued with me that she “couldn’t afford” to take weekly art lessons or invest in the time it would take to go to regular art classes. But she could “afford” to keep buying instructional books and different painting mediums and supplies and bouncing from one product to the next doing things that were right for other artists, but not for her.


She ended up working very hard, doing the wrong things at the wrong time, and spending lots of money and time than she would have in a weekly class setting.

She was on the information fast track… but was not focusing on one thing at a time….until she “learned” how to draw well, or use watercolors adequately, or understand the working properties of oils versus acrylics… She finally settled on taking 1 day workshops where the drawing is already on the canvas… and the students fill in the colors at the right place on the canvas… and called it “original art”… ORIGINAL HOW? 30 other people just painted the same picture, from the very same pattern. They all look alike…fun… but not original. She is still not happy with “her” artwork…

It does not have to happen that way! I am not just selling information products and services I try to invest my time to help grow artists. With every class or program C.D…. You also get a bit of me each time. I stick around to make sure that you can use what you buy. Luckily, every day I have the provilege of helping fine art students grow and prosper. It’s absolutely wonderful because what I offer truly WORKS.

How could it not? When you have support and guidance from a knowledgeable professional you will make better decisions, you will save time and money, you will learn a sustainable art foundation to build on by focusing on YOUR artistic journey.

I want you to learn things that make sense for YOU. Let me hear from you… have you been wandering around the crazymaker “I’m no good at watercolors…so I think I’ll paint with oils….No..I can use my old watercolors and get into collage…no I think I’ll try acrylics, they dry faster…AAARGH! Too many mediums… so little time”… information highway toooooolong?

Get on track and STAY on track…learn one meduim …learn it throughly and well. Stick to one teacher for a while.. I hope it’s me… and commit to practice, practice, and more practice. Allow yourself to fail. Keep drawing trees until you understand trees so well you could draw them from memory.

Or paint floral stilllifes until you almost HATE flowers.. You may tire of the subject… but you will be a fantastic still life painter in the end. Stick to it… and become the artist you want to be. Jamie


  1. I am so encouraged by this….I have a similar problem and get into creative blocks….so much stuff and don’t know where to start. Thank you…..Jane

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