Once Is Not Enough

 Once is not enough… especially when you are trying to learn something new .

Let me tell you a cute story about my husband. When he was  little… he had to go to school for the first time. Everyone encouraged Him and told Him how he was going to learn everything when HE WENT to school.

The big day came… he went… came home, threw His bookbag as far as he could in the backyard.. and proclaimed: Well, I”ve done that!

He just assumed that once he had gone to school, that was it. He had already learned whatever it was everyone was talking about.

Obviously it took twelve more years for him to “learn” everything the school system thought he should.  {not just one day.}

Have you ever had that sort of thinking happen to you. You went to one art class, or took one workshop …and thought you had “finished learning?    

     Repetition is to painting what  a new school year is  to learning …. yet there are many who come to  ONE class… try ONE workshop… or paint ONE painting : and then declare that they are “NO GOOD” . [ I hope they didn”t throw their painting out in the backyard like John  threw  his book bag. ]

 Another thought on Once is not enough… I painted this first original as a demo at the Beavers Bend Art Workshop and Retreat in 2010… and thought it was O.K. … in fact  I  was proud to show it … but today I went back and painted it again. I like it so much better.

The first time around in 2010 The second time  I painted it  2012Once Is Not Enough..                                




I was more comfortable with all of the elelments  I was  painting because it was the second time around.

I knew more about  what I was painting…because I had been there before… and had more of a feeling of familiarity  with the location.

    . When I paint outdoors.. I sometimes take the outdoor studies home and re paint them again  into a bigger size or as a more completed painting to sell.  [One plien aire painting I did in Hot Springs National Park is now  the cover of the visitor guidebook there at the park..so you never know what can happen.]

Painting on the cover of the Visitors Guide at Hot Springs national Park

                                              Once is not enough… two times is  twice as nice…but       THREE TIMES IS CHARM.   

  This is the 3rd year I am leading a group and teaching at the Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma… September 7-8..I think I might know what I am doing this time. Hope you will come and join us there.


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