Paint Happy…Break A Few Rules and Just Have Fun.

Painting By Jamie Be Joyful

   What is Painting Happy?

Sing All Day... Be Happy

A fun painting that just makes me smile.

 Painting Happy is all about you and your artistic journey. Life can be hard and work sometimes burns out the creative inner power cells inside.

Painting Happy is just about expressing your art in a fresh way that gets you recharged.

Judith Camerons book ” The Artist’s Way” has a suggestion that you write done your feelings about anything each morning. This is supposed to help you get in touch with what you are thinking about and help you resolve the conflict between real life problems and the act of being creative.

I don’t “DO” morning pages I “DO” morning paintings. These are quick and fun images that I create just to calm me and get me ready for the day. They are not masterpieces by any means but they sometimes get incorperated into larger or licensing images.

FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and don’t let anyone tell you that it is bad to “WASTE” time… it is your time … do with it what you please.

    They aren”t living in your body, and they don”t know what you might be going through.

Paint with the attitude  of  being happy… smile while you doodle or draw… hum or sing a song while you paint… tap your foot… dance to the easel…

The July 2012 newsletter has some great suggestions on how to achieve this…and also suggests you break from all the rules and paint whatever you want to…Here are the newsletter links.


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