Painted Any Good Books Lately? Ideas For Inspiration


cover I designed as a movie prop

This was a cover design for a book called "Leland"

Painted any good books Lately?

Paint what you read… Get a novel…Get Inspired
Think about it this way… if you read the passage “it was a dark and stormy night…” [other than maybe thinking about Snoopy sitting with a typewriter on top of his doghouse]… you immediately get a mental picture of “what” a dark and stormy night might look like in a painting. Right? That is how you would come up with an idea for your painting… read on for more thoughts on this.
Question 1: What happens when you read a book?

 The author involves you immediately by opening with a description of
the mood.. Or location… or event.. You immediately get a  mental image of the main character  and what they might look like.

Question 2: If it is a mood… what  elements  would you associate with it?

Reply: My mental  picture of the sky and of the darkness…  The word stormy gives the feeling of movement.. Grass, trees, leaves, clouds  blowing…

Question 3: read the opening paragraph of each chapter… what do you  “see” in you mind that helps you know where it is?

Reply:  Sketch or describe how you would paint this… Think location, weather, colors, place, people…

Question 4: What is the visual descriptions of the  place or setting… the beach…
or a castle… or a plantation….

Reply: What does Scarlet O’Hara look like to you.  Write a list of words.

What  is her  “body” language say about her attitude… how would she
be dressed?
What color is her hair?
Question 5: Could you draw or paint the villain? Hero? Or some animal character?

Reply: Draw a sketch of these characters… what does the author say about
their  expressions on their face.. Or what do their words say about their
attitude as seen in your mind?

This is a way to  “trigger” you to paint or draw when you just can’t find the Perfect SUBJECTand you seem to be stuck in a rut… A fun way to express yourself.  Pretend you are designing the cover for the book… and go for it.

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