See You In the Funny Papers!

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I began to draw early in my life…. And Sunday Morning was a special time for me. I would get up early, before everyone else in the family, and run outside and quickly pick up the big Sunday newspaper. I wanted it all to myself for just a little while.

What Was So Exciting?

What in the world could be so exciting in the newspaper to a little girl who could not even really read yet? Sunday was the day the “FUNNY PAPERS” came. There were four full size sheets of cartoon characters in little squares and strips, cartoon characters of all kinds, doing all kinds of things. They were running and jumping and they would ride DINOSAURS, or FLY, they had funny faces and could talk to each other via little balloons over their heads.

But the main thing to me was that they were drawn in simple black lines. There was no color on these comics, not then, and probably not for another 15 -20years…

     PURE BLISS for a child who loved to try to draw. Do you remember the old comic characters on those pages? Brenda Starr? Or Daisy Mae and Lil’ Abner?

   Snoopy was there and the Peanuts Gang, but my personal favorite was ALLEY OOP… What a man! … Or should I say, What a CAVEMAN. I look back now and wonder why He was my favorite fellow to try to “draw”.

Maybe Brenda Starr was just a little to chic and sophisticated, or Daisy Mae was too blond and beautiful, or I don’t know, maybe Snoopy just wasn’t entertaining enough for me. Who knows why, but Alley was the fellow for me! I drew him riding his dinosaur,  carrying his club, standing in front of his cave.  Anything he was doing in the “funny papers,” I was copying on my paper, trying hard to duplicate the lines that made ole ALLEY OOP the exciting  CAVEMAN  he was.   I am still attracted to the rugged, outdoorsy  types…hummmm

What Was I Doing?

I was teaching myself to draw. Somehow I knew that by copying another artist’s simple lines, I would work until I could draw similar enough looking lines that I could recognize what I had done  as being ole ALLEY himself.

 WHAT A TRIP! AND THANKS ALLEY… FOR THE LESSONS YOU TAUGHT ME. I needed a model, and a good example to follow, and you were always there,on Sunday Morning.You never let me down.

I hope to be as inspiring a teacher to you as Alley Oop was for me. I won’t be there every Sunday, but the new  Art lesson workshop downloads  and kits will be there in the store for you. Just order them up when you are ready.

Study is best when done with examples and my downloadable art program lessons are filled with examples and step by step instructions. Lots of  easy examples to copy and study from.   Just remember …don’t judge, but delight in the results of your efforts, and rejoice in any ability you have.

Go on, get to your favorite spot, draw some funny little characters : and maybe, just maybe…
I’LL SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS!       Sincerely, Jamie

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Jamie Carter

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