Small Art Quilts Score Big On Creativity

Art Quilt by Sherre

Jamie Carter Art Quilt using dyed fabrics

Art Quilts: Making and Dyeing you own fabric squares is an art that combines design skills with color and good composition…
The photos show a few that friends and I made from fabrics we painted, dyed, and stamped… I embellished and added prismapencils to draw the face on with…then set it with a warm iron..but look and learn why I did it to start with.

An Art Quilt created by Hazel

What do you think …aren’t these just great and  how fun it is to  to dye and paint your own fabric before you start creating….small art quilts are a very theraputic art form to do.. Hazel and Sherre are creative artists who are part of the “swap” group  I joined to help me find a way to channel my creativity on a small scale  and to help me through some long hours while sitting with a relative during her convalescence and healing stage…

    If you are interested in learning about how to dye and prepare fabric for art quilts…along  with some other techniques… go to my Sept. 2011 newsletter in the archives… and I will be posting more about it all ASAP.

To find an art group you might enjoy swapping ideas or even small projects or sharing your artwork with…. go to ” yahoo”  groups and type in arts and crafts groups…. a list of  will come up and you may find the one that fits you.,  and what you like to do…lots of fun and very informative…. warning tho…don’t give out too much personal info …always be careful about anything too personal…if it is a bona fide group it won’t ask for that kind of information.

Hazel uses a photo transfer plus her hand dyed fabrics for this one.

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