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“Start With A Mark” Online Drawing Course

Learn how to draw to increase your artistic skills!

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Jamie Carter

Have you always wanted to Learn How to Draw?

Do you know that learning How to Draw is essential to
your artistic success?

Don’t know where to begin?

“FINALLY…You Can Become The True Artist
You Have Always Wanted To Be…”

And without spending hundreds of dollars for expensive schools and supplies, complicated videos, or books that just teach you one way to learn…Best of all you don’t even have to leave your home.

For the first time I’m offering an Online Drawing Course designed to guarantee your artistic success and enjoyment. “Start With A Mark” contains 8 Custom Art Lessons that have been designed for your personal level and style of learning.

Learning to Draw is the training that is “essential” to any artistic success… and there are a lot of books and courses already available on the subject…. so why is my “Start With A Mark” course different?

4 Good Reasons To Take This Online Drawing Course…

Student's drawing before art course

First: Everything you need to know and master in order to draw and design your artwork is included in the course. You receive and learn…The Fundamental Basics, The Skill Builders, and The Creative Workshops that will teach methods and techniques and reinforce those skills. You learn how to make your drawings go from stiff and hesitant outlines to flowing and gracefully rendered realism.

Second: There are 8 lessons in the course study… and each one teaches you not just a technical skill… but addresses the way that YOU learn the best… and pays attention to your past experiences and attitudes about drawing.

...After Art Class! ....after taking the course..What a difference

Third: You will learn new and better thinking methods to improve what you already know… and then you will receive assignments and explanations about how to improve and grow.

Fourth: I want you to become consistently creative. Learning to Draw is not just about learning to copy some teacher’s art examples… it is about finding the pathways that work for you. How you learn may be different than your neighbor… and I have the experience to help you find the right way.


From Foundations of Success… to Creative Challenges, each lesson is jam packed with Clear and Concise Instructions, Examples and Creative Techniques.

Don’t put this off…

(Even If You Are Selling Paintings Now or Have Some Training…)

YOU  WILL improve and become even more successful…


(This course is designed to benefit all ages and all levels of experience).

Here’s what you get:

  • 8 Online Downloadable Lessons that cover everything from line direction and it’s use to values and the illusion of reality… how to draw figures, landscapes etc.
  • Plus you will get a free bonus workshop drawing and painting  lesson worth $24.97 when you order.

Here’s how the online course works…

You log on to your computer from the comfort of your home, office, or favorite coffee shop any time of the day or night. Then you can get your lesson downloaded and start drawing … finish each one before you move to the next for the best results.

Class Course includes  8 PDF downloads … each lesson has 8 to 12 pages. Save them to a file or print them out.

Get “Start With a Mark Online Drawing Course” Now…

Yes, I want to order Jamie Carter’s “Start With A Mark” Online Drawing Course and learn how to draw.

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  • I will get a free Jamie Carter bonus art lesson in a downloadable PDF.

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As soon as your payment has been verified, I will start sending you your lessons.

Let me help you learn how to draw. You know you’ve always wanted to learn how! Don’t put it off any longer. Drawing is the key to all good artwork. Each lesson is loaded with step-by-step examples and illustrations that show you how to do the assignments and how to improve.

To your success,

Drawing the negative Shapes

Drawing the negative Shapes

Jamie Carter

Disclaimer: We make no statement or warranties as to the appropriateness of lesson contents for your particular use, and to the extent you use or execute these contents in your own setting, you do so by your own choice. In no event will the publishers, Jamie Carter or be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, consequential, incidental, or special, or any claim for attorney fees, arising from the use of or inability to use the instructional materials provided herewith or any adverse result arising from their use.