Happy Harvest

Join the fun with scrapbooking and card making files created from the art collection images of artist Jamie Carter.

Buy mega files chock full of backgrounds, borders, and text images that make tag making, scrapbooking, and card collages more fun than anybody should have… no artistic talent required, but you can create beautiful gifts, tags, and cards in minutes. Save money on stamps, inkpads, special novelty inkpens, and expensive papers. For best results use a heavy card stock type paper…lightweight papers will wrinkle. Stock up on printer ink and you are good to go!

Simply run off the image files on your printer and then cut and paste to your hearts delight. The Mega files are BIG so you may want to be sure you have a high speed connection to download them… but if you use a slower speed …go for the Mini files and you can still make beautiful crafts in minutes.

Just remember these files are for your home use only and are not to be used in any commercial or resell type situations. They are the property of Jamie Carter and legally belong to her under the U.S. and International copyright laws
Terms of Use

Price: $7.99