Workshops Can Make The Difference In Your Artistic Thinking

What Are You Wanting To Learn?  The only way to get out of your normal way of painting may be to take a 2 or 3 day workshop with someone that can help you think outside of the box. E mail for more info

7 Mistakes Artists Make

Seven Mistakes Artists Make: The Artist As the  Student We all make mistakes.. And here is a list of the TOP Seven I have come across…as a student myself, and during 35 years of teaching others to draw and paint.  See if you recognize yourself; and if you do … ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE […]

Hitting The High Road: Art for Art’s Sake

We’ve all heard the phrase… ”Art for Art’s Sake” … But really , what does that mean? Recently, in a conversation with my daughter , {who is an assistant professor at a university, and a very creative artist]she and I talked about how her professors label different artwork as “High art” and “Low art.” My […]

Creative License: Your Copyrights As An Artist

     Licensing your artwork to manufacturing companies can be one of the most rewarding ways  to make your artwork “pay-off”  time and time again.     Just think about seeing your art used as the surface design on other items such as rugs, throws, cards, etc. How cool is that!     But before you get too busy thinking about  […]

Small Art Quilts Score Big On Creativity

Art Quilts: Making and Dyeing you own fabric squares is an art that combines design skills with color and good composition… The photos show a few that friends and I made from fabrics we painted, dyed, and stamped… I embellished and added prismapencils to draw the face on with…then set it with a warm iron..but […]