A new article in Paintworks magazine

I am proud to annouce that I have an instruction article in the August edition of Paintworks magazine. Go to their website and check it out. They have done a wonderful job of showing off the painting and have all the step by step instructions for you. I never get tired of “teaching” others how […]

7 Mistakes Artists Make

Seven Mistakes Artists Make: The Artist As the  Student We all make mistakes.. And here is a list of the TOP Seven I have come across…as a student myself, and during 35 years of teaching others to draw and paint.  See if you recognize yourself; and if you do … ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE […]

Hitting The High Road: Art for Art’s Sake

We’ve all heard the phrase… ”Art for Art’s Sake” … But really , what does that mean? Recently, in a conversation with my daughter , {who is an assistant professor at a university, and a very creative artist]she and I talked about how her professors label different artwork as “High art” and “Low art.” My […]

What You need to Know to Become An Artist

Sometimes, in order to become what you are determined to be… you have to believe in the tranformative power of possibility. Art is all about taking the ordinary and turning it into something that is unique to you and those around you.  Learning that  there is  real  power at work when putting a brush to […]

First Impressions : How They Affect us, and Do They Have a Lasting Benefit?

 First Impressions are always interesting to me. I often see or learn something new and walk away wondering what is was about that  painting in the gallery, or  the information I heard  that impressed me so…or failed to  impress me at all….Why did it affect me so? {one way or the other} Let’s talk about it a […]