What Do You Get : The Lesson Workshops In Review

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Hello Artist and Creative Types…

 Lately I have been getting some questions about what you get when you order one of the art lesson/workshop PDF’s from the website’s  online store.

 I thought I would start giving you a quick review of a few of them so you will be more familiar with what they are and how they teach you.

Say you like the looks of the program workshop titled “The River’s Edge” from the little description it talks about values and color charts etc…but what you get is a 2 part program that has 5 pages in the first part that shows you all the color mixtures and what they look like when you see them ranging in values from light to dark… then you get instructions on how to use the 3 different types of values…yep there are THREE DIFFERENT TYPES… Local, Tonal, and Relative… what each one is and how they work together to give contrast and impact to your art.

The second part of the workshop lesson is a step by step paint a long instruction section… each page shows the painting from the beginning drawing, how to plan your colors and where they go, and on and on until it is completed. These are high resolution pages and can be seen and understood easily.

So what are you getting for your money?  14 pages of written instructions, photos of the painting step by step, a materials list, and useful color charts and explanations about using and mixing color… A mini  workshop that teaches you to paint  with watercolor media and how to plan and complete a  painting …  The workshop contains 2 different sections…one focuses on the general basic  building blocks of painting any artwork…and the second focuses  on the process of painting that particular scene…from  “The River’s Edge”.

 Hope this helps. Check back often I plan to start reviewing all the programs sooner or later.

The River's Edge: A Workshop in learning how to use 3 types of values to create contrasts and variety in watercolor paintings


  1. These are so pretty! I had an art tehecar challenge us to do this (a painting in one hour) once many years ago, and it remains one of my favorite projects. Haven’t been painting much lately, but this makes me want to try it again

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